Federal Diner Cheese Scones

Recipe thanks to Brona Parsons of the Federal Diner in Wanaka

thegreatsconetrail cheese scone

Be quick – Buttermilk cheese scone from Wanaka’s Federal Diner

The cheese scones from Wanaka’s Federal Diner on Helwick Street compete with their equally popular date scones to be the first to go. An early outing is recommended to ensure supply. If you do miss out, or if you aren’t in Wanaka and don’t want to coat your digital device in flour, the Fed has thoughtfully put their winning recipe on a tea towel.

Originally from Ireland,  Brona’s first experience cooking in a commercial kitchen was at the age of 12 in her sister’s cafe. After moving to Wanaka she started off cooking in local cafe’s with other catering gigs at local lodges before becoming head chef at Relishes and a part owner of the restaurant.  Children followed, then she started up a catering business, Raspberry Creek, with business partner Emilie Brosnahan before partnering up with some other locals to set up the Federal Diner and Fedeli .

“My philosophy to cooking is eat fresh and locally, support the small local suppliers,  cook simply and enjoy the experience of eating with friends and family.”


Brona Parsons - chef and renowned scone maker

Brona Parsons – chef and renowned scone maker

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Federal Diner Cheese Scone
great scone trail cheese scone
great scone trail cheese scone
  1. In a large bowl mix together thoroughly the cheese, buttermilk, salt and cayenne pepper. Sift in the flour and mix through until dough comes together, ensuring you do not overmix
  2. Shape into 12 balls and place on a lined baking tray Bake @ 180 C for 15 mins or until golden.
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