Author: Tim Brewster

Driving from Queenstown to Milford Sound

Driving from Queenstown to Milford Sound – 288km Driving: Driver Alert! High accident rate on this road with technical driving skills required.  This driving guide is recommended. Please do not attempt to film or take photos while driving. This is a very popular trip for a number of tourists from all over the world. If in doubt about your technical driving skills in New Zealand please use the bus, hire a driver or fly. Please be aware of other traffic, especially those behind you if you are driving cautiously. With scenic spots, please indicate and ensure you are well off...

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The Great Scone Trail History

The Great Scone Trail History A good scone  is the benchmark of a worthy kitchen. Without the ability to produce a tasty example of one of the earliest forms of baking, how can a cafe or kitchen expect to be taken seriously? But bolstering those traditional cooking standards have been more modern, even exotic influences embraced in the south. Consider Guilliame Brun, a French baker now living permanently in Wanaka, who was selected as the head judge for the baking goods category of the Upper Clutha A & P Show. Historically parochial and almost in its 80th year as one...

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