Author: Tim Brewster

Hokitika, Franz Josef and Fox Glacier

Hokitika, Franz Josef and Fox Glacier Hokitika The Good South Gem: West Coast Wilderness Trail   Wild West coast beaches and hinterland are a natural backdrop to this thriving community -they even have a Facebook page dedicated to sunsets. The seaside town has a lively arts scene to match its colourful heritage during the goldrush days of the 1860’s. The town also received a flurry of publicity when it was the setting for the 2013 Booker Prize winning novel The Luminaries which added an element of intrigue to the area. Hokitika becomes an annual magnet for foodies with its renowned...

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The Authentic Guide to the South – South Island Itinerary

The Good South – The Authentic Guide to the South of the South Island Why go South? Nature’s unique environment here is a possibility. One of the globe’s youngest landforms, Aotearoa’s only original mammals were bats with the result that many birds evolved to become flightless due to a lack of predators.  Then there’s the plant life, of which about 80% is endemic. With its relatively youthful age of about 540 million years it’s still shaping itself.  The Southern Alps continue to grow and active fault lines fracture the South Island. The southern part of New Zealand is the least populated...

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Driving between Dunedin and Wanaka

Driving between Dunedin and Wanaka via SH 8 – 277km The drive between Dunedin to Wanaka takes an estimated 3.5 hours with some winding, hilly roads and a number of attractive stop-off options. The journey brings you from the Eastern coastal climate into the dryland region of Central Otago. Central Otago has cold frosty winters and (generally) hot dry summers, with 2017 being an exception with stormy weather and snow on the hills. The climate still remains generally dry however, and the intense sunshine received in the area encourages lots of sunscreen and wearing a hat. The Good South Gems:...

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