Author: Tim Brewster

Autumn Colours In Central Otago

Autumn Colours In Central Otago Image above: Wanaka Station Park- Ants Hansen Were New Zealand’s colonial settlers a bunch of tree huggers? They certainly loved their deciduous northern plantings judging from the number of seeds they brought with them. Seeds they then sprinkled litterbug  style along riverbanks, lakeshores and roadsides for the oaks, elms, birches, poplars and willows to help remind them of home. Japanese maples and other exotics were added to the mix later.  The result for Lake Wanaka, Queenstown, Arrowtown and the river valleys that connect them? Stunning Autumn colours in Central Otago, and a much more...

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Travelling without a car in the South Island

Travelling without a car in the South Island The Good South recommends: Get in touch with the official i-site network prior to travel Wanaka, Dunedin, Mt Cook, Queenstown, West Coast, South Coast…what’s the connection on your South island itinerary?  You can get to them all without driving yourself. The majority of South Island bucket list spots can all be explored using buses or shuttles. It’s an option an increasing number of travellers are taking. The South Island roads can be stressful if you aren’t used to New Zealand’s driving conditions. The roads are windy and often narrow.  Some people...

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Hokitika, Franz Josef and Fox Glacier

Hokitika, Franz Josef and Fox Glacier Hokitika The Good South Gem: West Coast Wilderness Trail   Wild West coast beaches and hinterland are a natural backdrop to this thriving community -they even have a Facebook page dedicated to sunsets. The seaside town has a lively arts scene to match its colourful heritage during the goldrush days of the 1860’s. The town also received a flurry of publicity when it was the setting for the 2013 Booker Prize winning novel The Luminaries which added an element of intrigue to the area. Hokitika becomes an annual magnet for foodies with its renowned...

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